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Santa Clara County HOA Attorney
Navigating the complex world of homeowners associations (HOAs) can be challenging for both board members and property owners. In Santa Clara County, California, an experienced HOA attorney can provide invaluable assistance to help HOAs run smoothly and resolve disputes effectively. Pratt & Associates is a leading law firm in the area with a strong focus
Santa Clara County HOA Lawyer
If you reside in a community governed by a homeowners association (HOA) in Santa Clara County, California, you may already be aware of the complexities and legal nuances that come with HOA management. Whether you’re a homeowner, a board member, or a property manager, hiring an experienced Santa Clara County HOA lawyer from Pratt &

FAQs About HOA Law

California has an extensive body of law that applies to HOAs. Board members must follow these laws, or the HOA could be liable in a lawsuit. Here are some common questions that our attorneys receive from HOAs. How can the HOA enforce its rules? The HOA has the legal authority to enforce laws by issuing
HOA board member
The Davis Stirling Act requires each HOA to have rules and procedures that govern its elections. When an HOA member passes away or moves, it would trigger the rules that govern elections. Someone who sells their home is no longer a member of the HOA, and they cannot serve in an elected position. The HOA