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Bay Area HOA Law Attorneys

Handling a Wide Range of HOA-Related Cases in California

While all California real estate laws can be complex, there is a specific set of laws in Los Gatos dedicated to homeowners associations (HOAs) and other common interest developments that are particularly complicated. At Pratt & Associates, we regularly advise and represent homeowners associations on matters related to member compliance, disputes, regulatory matters and other issues. Some of the specific services our HOA lawyers in Los Gatos provide include:


  • Drafting and revisions of governing documents
  • HOA board advice and counsel
  • CC&R interpretation
  • Elections advice
  • Contract review, drafting, and negotiation
  • HOA assessment enforcement
  • Collections and liens
  • Insurance-related legal advice and claims
  • Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), mediation, arbitration
  • Construction defect litigation
  • Litigation


When it comes to HOAs or similar associations, compliance with the law and relevant contracts is critical, and we can advise you on a wide range of compliance matters, including homeowners association lawsuits and laws in the Los Gatos area. We can also review and negotiate all HOA contracts to ensure that your interests are well-protected. Importantly, as most of the governing board of an HOA is made of members of the community, it’s important to have an experienced HOA attorney in Los Gatos or the Bay Area represent the board. Notably, if there is an attorney on the board, he or she should not both represent members of the community in any matter and the board, as the potential for conflicts of interest is high. An experienced HOA lawyer from Pratt in Los Gatos can represent the HOA in disputes with contractors, vendors, or members and help the board draft documents and resolve conflicts.


When there are many people working together, disputes will often arise. Whenever possible, we use negotiation and ADR to resolve Los Gatos and California based homeowners association lawsuits and disputes agreeably and efficiently, so parties can continue cooperating for the common good of the HOA without significant expenditures.

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“Sharon has been my go-to lawyer on HOA issues including collections, insurance, and board governance for over 10 years. She has been invaluable in helping think through difficult and/or controversial board issues to arrive at the “right” course of action..”


“I’ve worked with Sharon Pratt on HOA and construction related issues. Her ability to interact with clients professionally and with knowledge that steers the client in the right direction legally is the outcome you want. She is thorough in her research and her staff is pleasant to work with. Sharon Pratt can get the job done with class. I can’t say enough about Sharon and her positive work ethic.”