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Residential homeowners may end up in disputes with their HOA. It happens all too often when people’s homes are involved. Homeowners often take issue with HOA rules, or they have complaints about how the HOA is being run. Unfortunately, litigation is a common tool that motivated homeowners may use against the HOA. They may even

Financial Discrepancies with HOAs

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Homeowners associations have a tremendous responsibility. They collect dues from members and use the money to manage the HOA. They must maintain a balance in the financial account to pay for repairs and capital projects as they are needed. HOAs must report to the members about their finances. Members have the right to know about

HOA Election Rules in California

HOA election rules
California HOA laws require that each HOA have rules that govern their elections. A recent amendment to the law gave even more requirements for HOAs to follow. Their rules must be detailed and cover many situations relating to votes taken by the membership. Election requirements do not just apply to votes for directors and members

Fire Prevention for California HOAs

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With all of the fire concerns in certain areas of California, it is wise for all HOAs – even outside of wildfire risks – to review fire prevention in common areas and all buildings in the community. Fires are always a hazard, and an HOA might face serious liability if it does not take proper