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One of the biggest things that can incite homeowners is when they think the HOA is not being transparent. They want to at least see what is happening. When they do not have the information that they feel they deserve, they tend to get more challenging and possibly litigious. With that in mind, HOAs should
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An HOA has quite a bit of power given to it by its own bylaws. While they do not have the right to do everything that they want, they will have very wide latitude to institute new rules so long as they are following their own bylaws. Pay Attention to Process The bylaws will provide

Will an HOA Dispute Go to Court?

HOA dispute
HOAs might have regular disputes arise with homeowners. It is almost expected when business both affects where people live and their most valuable asset they own. Some of these disputes even end up in court. Not every HOA disagreement has to reach the stage of a lawsuit. Running an HOA and dealing with homeowners is

Collecting Unpaid HOA Fees

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Owning a property in an HOA development imparts an obligation to pay fees. This is a condition of ownership. The HOA can take measures to collect unpaid fees that can even include foreclosure. The basis for the HOA’s collections policy should be laid out in detail in the bylaws. These should describe the steps that