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HOA Election Overview

HOA election overview
According to California law, each HOA must have its own rules that govern elections. Otherwise, HOA elections could be challenged in court, and the elections (and actions taken by illegally elected directors) could be voided. Here is what you need to know about HOA elections. The election process begins at least 60 days prior to

Calculating HOA Dues

HOA dues
The recent inflationary environment has meant that HOAs are dealing with rising costs on their end. Expenses such as property management and grounds maintenance have shot up along with everything else. HOAs have raised dues to shore up their own finances because of their escalating expenses. HOAs set their dues based on several formulas: Equal

Mediation to Resolve HOA Disputes

HOA mediation attorney
Although litigation is sometimes necessary, it is the worst possible outcome for an HOA. You never want to end up in court unless it is a last resort because it will be expensive and bitter. Mediation is one way for an HOA to potentially resolve issues with homeowners without having to go to litigation. A
HOA disagreements
The HOA may not have to get involved in a dispute between two owners. However, it may choose to in order to resolve a difficult issue that can eventually impact all the homeowners. The best thing that the HOA can do is to encourage the homeowners to talk amongst themselves and resolve their own dispute.