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Los Gatos HOA attorney
Homeowner associations (HOAs) are strictly regulated by California law, including who can become a candidate for an HOA board. Recently, state law has limited restrictions on candidates, allowing more homeowners to try to become directors. HOAs and their members should always ensure they do not unduly restrict qualified people from running. A bill passed in
HOA rental restrictions
Governor Gavin Newsome signed Assembly Bill (AB) 3182 into California law on September 28, 2020. This provision further limits an HOA’s ability to restrict homeowners’ abilities to rent out their properties. The measure is hoped to help with the homelessness and housing crisis in California, and this, in part, aims to make more affordable housing
management company
Many homeowners associations (HOAs) hire management companies to maintain and repair the property and common areas. In some cases, your HOA board might not be satisfied with aspects of the management service, and you might want to look for a new one to take over. There are different aspects to this process, and it is
HOA election process
In 2020, new changes took effect regarding HOA elections in California under Civil Code 5100. There are several changes that every HOA should have implemented this year, and the following is a brief overview. For HOAs with more than 6,000 members, elections can be settled by votes of acclamation when there are not more candidates