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Disability Discrimination in HOAs

Mountain View HOA Disability Discrimination Attorney
Federal laws apply to HOAs and their facilities. Depending on the way that the HOA operates its facilities, the following federal statutes could apply: Americans with Disabilities Act – this applies when the HOA has opened its facilities to the general public to purchase passes The Federal Fair Housing Act – this law applies to

What is the Makeup of an HOA Board?

San Jose HOA Board Attorney
The HOA board performs a crucial role in a residential community. They are homeowners themselves who have volunteered their time and talents to administer the affairs of their own community. Here is what you need to know about the composition of the board. Each HOA board will have four key positions. They are: President –
Cupertino, CA HOA Attorney
Many homeowners want to make a difference where they live. They may have ideas about how to improve the HOA and make things better for themselves and their fellow homeowners. Serving on an HOA board is one way to do good where you live. Every HOA must have rules regarding elections. The first thing for
HOA rules attorney
While HOAs perform a valuable and critical rule, some homeowners do not like being told what to do, and they chafe at rules. HOAs need to enforce their rules without a brutal battle with homeowners. Here are measures that HOAs can use to get homeowners to comply with their rules. It is in a homeowner’s