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Real Estate
By: Patricia Wendleton Do any of these situations sound familiar?  A resident of the association is so obsessed with association rules that he or she engages in unauthorized policing of the association property.   A resident is hypersensitive to noise, such as children at play in the common area, and constantly complains.  One of the residents
Real Estate HOA
Living in a homeowner’s association certainly has its benefits and burdens, with the latter sometimes appearing to outweigh the former.  This article addresses three essential areas which help ease any such burden, provided certain requirements are met.  In particular, board members and homeowners serving as agents of the association enjoy the safeguards of immunity, insurance,

Funding Litigation

Business Law
By: Sharon Glenn Pratt       The question of how a common interest development (CID) will pay for litigation must be decided by the board when the need for litigation arises. When the association is served as a defendant in a lawsuit, there is of course no choice but to be involved in litigation, as the

Choosing A Vendor

Business Law
Your board has voted to move ahead on a project, and is relying on you, the manager, to direct the board in this process. Should you hire the second cousin of a member, who is starting a new construction business? Not a good idea? How do you go about selecting the right vendor? The Bidding