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Common Reasons for HOA Litigation

HOA litigation attorney
Many legal issues can arise when you are serving on an HOA Board. Our Los Gatos HOA attorneys aim to resolve any legal disputes involving HOAs in an efficient manner, including through mediation or arbitration. However, certain situations might arise in which a party – such as a homeowner – files a lawsuit in civil

HOAs Might Need Collection Assistance

HOA collections attorney
An important function of homeowner associations (HOAs) is to assess and collect dues from homeowners. These dues provide funding for common area maintenance and other projects and services provided by the HOA for the community. However, anyone on an HOA Board can tell you that homeowners can be delinquent in paying their dues, and collecting

Does Your HOA Board Need Legal Counsel?

HOA attorney
If you are serving on your HOA Board of Directors, you might be thoroughly familiar with the common issues that face residents of your community. However, you might not have significant legal knowledge needed to address complex disputes or concerns that might arise. In fact, your HOA Board might not have anyone with such legal

Should You Revise HOA Documents?

HOA documents attorney
Homeowner associations (HOAs) are not legally obligated to amend their documents after certain periods of time. However, if HOAs do not amend documents regularly – about once every five years – it can have certain adverse effects. These effects can include: Outdated provisions can mislead directors regarding their responsibilities and duties. The documents might not