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Who is On an HOA Board?

HOA board
Many HOA owners end up in bitter disputes with the boards. These are their neighbors and fellow owners in their residential development. HOA board members are elected positions that people seek. The elections are held according to the HOA’s bylaws at set periods. Each board will have its own positions based on the bylaws. This

Are Your HOA Dues Unreasonable?

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When HOA dues are too high, it impacts the value of HOA properties. People factor in all monthly costs when they are deciding how much they can pay for a home. It also leads to unhappy homeowners, especially when the high dues are the result of one-time or yearly hikes. Some aggrieved owners may even

Arbitrating HOA Disputes

HOA disputes
Litigation can be expensive, draining the budgets of HOAs and often forcing them to raise dues. Upset homeowners often force the HOA’s hand, leaving them with no choice but to spend legal fees to defend against lawsuits. There are some ways out when the HOA and homeowners have a dispute that does not involve a
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One of the biggest things that can incite homeowners is when they think the HOA is not being transparent. They want to at least see what is happening. When they do not have the information that they feel they deserve, they tend to get more challenging and possibly litigious. With that in mind, HOAs should