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Who Can be an HOA President?

HOA president
There are two considerations when deciding on the president of the homeowners association: They are able to serve as president based on the bylaws of the HOA They have the qualifications and skills necessary to run the HOA In terms of the former, the HOA president needs to be a homeowner. They must follow the
Campbell CA HOA Restrictions Attorney
Homeowners take a big chance when they do not follow HOA restrictions. The HOA has vetted and passed these rules as part of a process, and they have the power to enforce them. The HOA can levy fines on a homeowner and put a lien on the property when these fines are not paid. The
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HOA litigation can be expensive and draining for all parties involved. From the HOA’s perspective, while litigation is sometimes a must, it can also place a strain on the budget. Therefore, litigation should only be a last resort when the parties cannot resolve a dispute. There are steps that they can take short of litigation

Understanding HOA CC&Rs

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CC&Rs refer to Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions. These limit the homeowner’s right to deal with their property as they please. They apply to all homeowners in the HOA. In part, they are intended to promote uniformity and allow all homeowners to enjoy the benefits of their own property. The CC&Rs are essentially the rules that