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HOA Mailing List Policies

HOA Mailing List Policies
HOA homeowners may want the list of members’ contact information for various reasons. They do not have an unlimited right to access this list, but there may be some reasons why an HOA would need to provide it. An HOA needs a clear written policy for how it will handle these requests. Oftentimes, there is

HOAs and Political Signs

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In this political climate, people are expressing their own opinions far more often. One way that they do so is by displaying signs for their preferred candidates or point of view on their front yards. No matter the viewpoint, California HOAs usually cannot prohibit yard signs or place limits on how homeowners may restrict themselves.

Can Mediation Help an HOA Dispute?

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HOA litigation should only be your option of last resort when you are in a dispute with a homeowner. Litigation can be costly and bitter, and it should only be reserved for the most intractable disputes that cannot be resolved any other way. Otherwise, mediation is one way to resolve a bitter disagreement that would
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Residential homeowners may end up in disputes with their HOA. It happens all too often when people’s homes are involved. Homeowners often take issue with HOA rules, or they have complaints about how the HOA is being run. Unfortunately, litigation is a common tool that motivated homeowners may use against the HOA. They may even