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Sharon (Pratt) is a "Legal Ninja". She cuts through to the bottom line. Sharon has been spot on with her advice. I have been impressed by the breadth of her knowledge and practical honest advice. Describing an attorney as practical and honest should be to all the magic words.

Margaret C.

Rosalia Tapia was able to very quickly review the situation and provide me with a thorough understanding of my rights as well as explain the risks to me. Since legal matters are never an easy situation, this provided me with the comfort level I needed. I would highly recommend Rosalia and am thankful to her - we enjoy our backyard every day and could not have done it without her!

TaShara J.

In a tough time with such an uncertain economy and future we were faced with a very difficult legal issue. We were being bombarded with registered legal letters with intimidating legal jargon followed up with pointed phone conversations from one of the most prestigious law firms in San Jose. Fortunately we were referred to Sharon Pratt for a legal consultation. We immediately felt a sense of comfort and re-assurance in speaking with Sharon. She is a true processional who is knowledgeable in her field.

Yolanda a.

The opposition eventually dropped the lawsuit as they realized their margin for success was minimal. Without the help of Sharon Pratt we could have easily been convinced to signing a legal agreement that would have binded us into losing our family's home, business and in-debting us to someone unnecessarily. Our family cannot thank Sharon Pratt enough for helping us through a tough time and showing us true concern and remaining a consummate professional. Thanks Sharon.

Yolanda a.

I am pleased to recommend the law firm of Sharon Pratt and Associates based on our experiences over the past 8 years. Sharon has always responded to my requests in a timely and professional manner. These request have included rewriting our original governing documents, reviewing vendor contracts, and working with us to get Comcast to come into our community.(no small task)

Dave C.

Sharon, Title told me that they received a new demand with the right number this morning, so we won! Thank you so much for your great job. By the way, you are so professional.

Alick Z.

Thank you Sharon! The agreement was very well written, and I am amazed how quickly you pulled it together. Most of all, your calm, professional, and kind demeanor was more helpful than I can express. Your manner helped to bring a sense of calm into the situation.

Mara, S.

Dear Sharon, Appreciate your great work.

Jianou S.

Ms. Tapia was especially helpful to me when I came to her for a consultation. She was extremely professional and definitely demonstrated her knowledge with the case I was involved in. I highly recommend her!


Helped me through one of the free virtual legal services programs he runs and have found him to be very very helpful and knowledgeable in all civil matters. He consistently goes out of his way to answer any questions. Highly recommend him not only for his skills but great attitude to help. I am keeping my name anonymous as my case is ongoing but will reveal my name once I am done. Thanks Cameron for your services to the people in need. Sand....M


It was a pleasure working with Cameron. Before hiring him, I called around to 10 different attorneys and got the run around. Most didn't answer their phone or have time to talk with me since it was a Friday afternoon, others told me "Please bring in a $5,000 retainer and then we'll talk." Finally, I came across Cameron Day. He actually answered his phone (the only attorney out of 10) and made time to talk with me and answer my questions right then and there. He also scheduled for us to meet on the following Monday, and after meeting with Cameron I was sure he is the person that I want on my side as I go through this financially and emotionally stressful phase of my life i.e. child support and child custody. Cameron is extremely knowledgeable and easy to communicate with, bills fairly and reasonably and responds quickly to call and emails. To make a long story short, we ended up winning everything we were asking for. I would highly recommend Cameron. Don't do it alone, he is the best man for the job!!!


Cameron has represented me for just a little while and he has made significant strides in helping me modify my child support and visitation. More than previous representation.


I was in a situation where I needed some legal advice and I was a nervous wreck. I called Cameron and he got back to me right away. I explained my situation to him and he was able to give me some very good advice about what could happen and what he could help me with. After talking to him I felt way more at ease. It's good to know that if I ever need to use an attorney there is one in my contacts that I can go to.


Cameron is a very knowledgeable, efficient, and effective attorney. His expertise helped us avoid what could have been a very litigious and costly situation with a troublesome tenant. We highly recommend his work and character and would not hesitate to use his services again.

Idalia and Bob

Ms. Tapia is a phenomenal attorney - attentive, well-spoken, very intelligent!


Sharon has consistantly provided me and .my company with excellent legal advice. She has represented us in many actions over the years and guided me through some difficult issues with positive results. Pratt & Associates is a well rounded firm with many years of experience. Sharon and her associates have always given me the professional service and personal attention I expect from a lawyer.


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