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I’ve worked with Sharon Pratt on HOA and construction related issues. Her ability to interact with clients professionally and with knowledge that steers the client in the right direction legally is the outcome you want. She is thorough in her research and her staff is pleasant to work with. Sharon Pratt can get the job done with class. I can’t say enough about Sharon and her positive work ethic.


I interviewed nine law firms, but most didn’t seem to have the depth of experience I thought I needed to get a thoughtful opinion paper developed. In steps Sharon Pratt! She stood out because she wanted all of the HOA rules delivered to her before we met. After she reviewed the documents, we got on a video call and it was clear that she was a subject matter expert. She worked the weekend to deliver the opinion paper which was very detailed and thoughtfully prepared. The Board made a final decision in our favor and it is crystal clear that my appeal would have been denied without Sharon’s help. She definitely earned a 5 star rating from me!


Sharon has been my go-to lawyer on HOA issues including collections, insurance, and board governance for over 10 years. She has been invaluable in helping think through difficult and/or controversial board issues to arrive at the “right” course of action.


When I received an architectural violation notice from my homeowner’s Board of Directors and property manager, I contacted Sharon Pratt. Her legal expertise and professionalism resulted in the charge being dropped. The violation claim was not valid and unenforceable. Sharon is an excellent advocate for homeowner rights and interests. She’s the best!


I am writing to highly recommend Pratt and Associates for your legal counsel needs. I have had the pleasure of working with Sharon Pratt and her team on multiple projects over the past few years, and I have consistently been impressed with their professionalism and expertise. Sharon Pratt is an exceptional lawyer who demonstrates a deep understanding of the HOA industry. Her wealth of knowledge and background in this field is evident in the quality of her work and the advice she provides. Whenever I have sought her counsel, Sharon has always been quick to respond and address any concerns or questions I may have had. One of the things that truly sets Pratt and Associates apart is their commitment to client satisfaction. Sharon and her team go above and beyond to ensure that their clients receive the attention and support they deserve. Their dedication to providing timely and effective legal solutions is commendable. I have recommended Pratt and Associates to several of my clients in need of legal counsel, and I have received nothing but positive feedback. The professionalism, expertise, and personalized service they offer make them a top choice in the industry. In conclusion, I wholeheartedly recommend Pratt and Associates for all your legal counsel needs


Working with Pratt and Associates has been an absolute pleasure. Sharon Pratt's expertise, professionalism, and dedication have been instrumental in navigating any legal matters for our HOA. Her proactive approach, attention to detail and strategic guidance have consistently exceeded my expectations. Our HOA has mitigated risks in the past by seeking active guidance from Sharon for complex issues and achieved successful outcomes. I highly recommend their services to any HOA requiring legal counsel.


Pratt and Associates is one of the most knowledgeable law practitioners for dealing with homeowner association related issues. They have extensive knowledge regarding everything from governing document review to HOA litigation and mediation. I would highly recommend them.

Greg Bryan Tri-State Enterprises Senior Legal Counsel

We are very fortunate to have chosen Sharon Pratt and Associates to represent our community. Sharon and her team are professional, personable and very patient as well as good listeners. With the ever-changing California laws and their demands along with all the nuances of the Davis Sterling Act to deal with, it is of great comfort to know that Sharon keeps us on a constant path of compliance along with providing timely and accurate responses, which is rare these days. Great Partner.

Ray Ivicevich, Eagle Ridge

Sharon (Pratt) is a "Legal Ninja". She cuts through to the bottom line. Sharon has been spot on with her advice. I have been impressed by the breadth of her knowledge and practical honest advice. Describing an attorney as practical and honest should be to all the magic words.

Margaret C.

In a tough time with such an uncertain economy and future we were faced with a very difficult legal issue. We were being bombarded with registered legal letters with intimidating legal jargon followed up with pointed phone conversations from one of the most prestigious law firms in San Jose. Fortunately we were referred to Sharon Pratt for a legal consultation. We immediately felt a sense of comfort and re-assurance in speaking with Sharon. She is a true processional who is knowledgeable in her field.

Yolanda a.

The opposition eventually dropped the lawsuit as they realized their margin for success was minimal. Without the help of Sharon Pratt we could have easily been convinced to signing a legal agreement that would have binded us into losing our family's home, business and in-debting us to someone unnecessarily. Our family cannot thank Sharon Pratt enough for helping us through a tough time and showing us true concern and remaining a consummate professional. Thanks Sharon.

Yolanda a.

I am pleased to recommend the law firm of Sharon Pratt and Associates based on our experiences over the past 8 years. Sharon has always responded to my requests in a timely and professional manner. These request have included rewriting our original governing documents, reviewing vendor contracts, and working with us to get Comcast to come into our community.(no small task)

Dave C.

Sharon, Title told me that they received a new demand with the right number this morning, so we won! Thank you so much for your great job. By the way, you are so professional.

Alick Z.

Thank you Sharon! The agreement was very well written, and I am amazed how quickly you pulled it together. Most of all, your calm, professional, and kind demeanor was more helpful than I can express. Your manner helped to bring a sense of calm into the situation.

Mara, S.

Dear Sharon, Appreciate your great work.

Jianou S.

Sharon has consistantly provided me and .my company with excellent legal advice. She has represented us in many actions over the years and guided me through some difficult issues with positive results. Pratt & Associates is a well rounded firm with many years of experience. Sharon and her associates have always given me the professional service and personal attention I expect from a lawyer.


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