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General Liability Insurance for HOAs

HOA insurance
Owning property comes with different insurance requirements, and this is no different for homeowner associations (HOAs). These entities that oversee multi-resident communities must carry general liability insurance coverage. These policies are in place to protect owners from liability if any type of harm arises from common area activity. This liability insurance should cover different situations,
California HOA attorney
Both the federal Fair Housing Act (FHA) and California’s Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) protect Californians from discrimination in housing-related matters, which includes homeowner associations (HOAs). If an HOA is accused of discrimination, it can face costly lawsuits. On the other hand, if an HOA discriminates against you, the law gives you the right

What are Special Assessments?

special assessments
If you live in an HOA community, you know you have to pay regular dues to contribute to the upkeep of the community. However, there are additional costs you might incur called special assessments, and these can be costly and difficult to plan for. If your HOA tries to demand excessive special assessments, you should

Common Areas and HOAs

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One benefit of living in a community with an HOA is that you have the right to use well-maintained common areas. These might include lobbies, courtyards, fitness rooms, pools, and more. Different HOAs have different rules regarding who can use which common areas and who is responsible for the upkeep of such areas. Such rules