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What Laws Apply to HOAs?

HOA laws
There are many laws that apply to California HOAs of which boards must be aware. The failure to follow these laws can get an HOA into legal trouble, both with the state and in a lawsuit. Here are some of the major rules and regulations that HOAs must follow. The major California law that applies
Cupertino, CA HOA Board Attorney
While state laws and the HOA’s own regulations give it power, that power is not unlimited. HOA residents have a right to be heard. If the HOA is following its own rules and enforcing them evenhandedly, it will be on solid legal ground. If not, it could be vulnerable to a lawsuit. When you disagree

Can You Sue Your HOA?

Sunnyvale California HOA Attorney
HOA boards must be careful how they discharge their duties. Under California law, it is entirely possible for homeowners to sue the HOA under certain circumstances. HOA boards should always get legal help to avoid litigation if at all possible. There are three primary areas where homeowners may sue an HOA. They are: Breach of

HOA Compliance Issues

Santa Clara HOA Compliance Issues
It is essential that homeowners follow the rules in the HOA. After all, uniformity and order are what help preserve property values and provide a pleasant place to live for all homeowners. It is an unfortunate fact of life for HOAs that they often have to struggle with homeowners to get them to follow the