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HOA compliance
Both California and the federal government have laws that apply to HOAs. On the state level, there is an extensive body of law that HOAs must follow that regulate practically every area of operations. On the federal level, HOAs must comply with fair housing and equal access laws. California’s Davis-Stirling Act provides legal standards that

How Collections Work for HOAs

HOA collections
Homeowners may owe the HOA money for back dues or fines. If the homeowner does not pay these dues in time, the HOA may make reasonable collection efforts. An HOA may use a number of methods to get homeowners to pay debts. An HOA will usually begin by sending the delinquent homeowner a demand letter
Anti-Discrimination Policies for Housing
HOAs are required to strictly comply with the Fair Housing Act. This federal law, passed in 1968, is intended to prevent discrimination in housing. HOAs cannot take actions that violate this law. The language of the HOA makes it clear that it applies to HOAs. In addition, there are also a myriad of state laws

Creating HOA Committees

HOA committees
HOA board members may need additional assistance in doing their jobs. There may be certain sub-issues that they want more information and help with that they cannot do personally. Homeowners who are not on the board may also have expertise and time that could be valuable. Accordingly, they may create committees. HOA committees can take