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HOA repairs
The responsibility for repairs in an HOA depends on where the problem occurs. There is a general bright-line rule that anything that happens in your unit or is connected to your unit is your responsibility to repair. For example, if an HVAC unit breaks, the homeowner would need to pay for fixing or replacing it.

Can Owners Speak at HOA Meetings?

Mountain View HOA Attorney
Under California law, homeowners associations must hold regular meetings. These meetings are open to homeowners, and they are a forum where homeowners can express their concerns and opinions about HOA business. The Open Meetings Act applies to an HOA board meeting. The only type of meeting that a homeowner does not have the legal right
HOA board attorney
Like many legal matters, the answer to this question is that it depends.  In most cases, HOA board members have some protection from being sued personally for actions that they take in their HOA capacity. While the HOA board itself can be sued by homeowners, the individual directors are not necessarily personally liable for the

Disputes Over HOA Finances

HOA Finances
HOAs and homeowners may have Financial disputes in a number of areas. The main areas of HOA finances are the assessments and monthly dues that they charge to homeowners.  In addition, an HOA may also levy fines against the homeowner when they fail to follow the association’s rules. One of the common ways that homeowners