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CURRENT TRENDS IN FAIR HOUSING LAWS WHICH LAWS APPLY TO ASSOCIATIONS? 1.         APPLICABLE LAW OVERVIEW OF FAIR HOUSING LAWS STATE (CA) Unruh Civil Rights Act– CA Civil Code § 51 FEDERAL Fair Housing Act (1968) – 42 U.S.C. §3601-3619                a. Fair Housing Amendments Act (1988) – 42 U.S.C.                                                    §3631 Americans with Disabilities Act
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Typically, owners buy in planned communities or common interest developments because they believe the CC&Rs will help assure quality and consistency in the neighborhood or complex, which will preserve property values.  Of course, this will only be true if the CC&R’s are enforced.  Most all CC&Rs or rules and regulations require that an owner obtain
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The Presidential Altercation Facts: In this particular community, the Association Board President is very “hands on.” He has served as president for several years and he regularly makes the rounds in the HOA, doing walk-throughs to check for rules violations, including unleashed pets, parking problems, and litter problems. He also visits with many owners about

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CIVIL CODE SECTION 1364 1.           GENERAL RULE FOR MAINTENANCE                Common Area – HOA Responsible                Exclusive Use Common Area – Owner Responsible                Separate Interest – Owner Responsible 2.           “UNLESS OTHERWISE PROVIDED IN DECLARATION” 3.           PLANNED DEVELOPMENT (DEFINITION IS “COMMON AREA AND POWER TO         ASSESS, BUT NOT A CONDO OR CO-OP”) Each owner