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The Presidential Altercation Facts: In this particular community, the Association Board President is very “hands on.” He has served as president for several years and he regularly makes the rounds in the HOA, doing walk-throughs to check for rules violations, including unleashed pets, parking problems, and litter problems. He also visits with many owners about

Pest Control In HOA’s

HOA Pest Control
CIVIL CODE SECTION 1364 1.           GENERAL RULE FOR MAINTENANCE                Common Area – HOA Responsible                Exclusive Use Common Area – Owner Responsible                Separate Interest – Owner Responsible 2.           “UNLESS OTHERWISE PROVIDED IN DECLARATION” 3.           PLANNED DEVELOPMENT (DEFINITION IS “COMMON AREA AND POWER TO         ASSESS, BUT NOT A CONDO OR CO-OP”) Each owner
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Proxy Rules A proxy is a written authorization signed by a member or the member’s attorney in fact giving another person or entity the power to vote on behalf of the issuing member.  A proxy can only be voted by another member of the homeowners Association. The articles or by-laws may limit or preclude the

HOA Pet Restrictions

Pets and HOA rules
Civil Code §1360.5. Limitations on Pet Restrictions (Davis-Stirling) (a) No governing documents shall prohibit the owner of a separate interest within a common interest development from keeping at least one pet within the common interest development, subject to reasonable rules and regulations of the association. This section may not be construed to affect any other