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HOA contractor list
Some homeowner associations (HOAs) might think it is helpful or preferable to provide owners with a list of contractors that the HOA would prefer them to use for repairs or maintenance to their properties. While this might seem like a beneficial – and harmless – idea, it can lead to liability of the HOA in

HOA Board Meetings Via Zoom

HOA zoom meeting
The COVID-19 pandemic has prevented many of us from gathering with those outside our households unless it is absolutely necessary, and this can apply to meetings of directors of homeowner associations (HOAs). It’s safe to say that 2020 will go down in history as the year of the Zoom meeting, and HOA director meetings are

HOA Liability for Injuries

HOA liability
One responsibility of homeowner associations (HOAs) is to maintain common areas of the common interest development in question. HOAs assess dues from homeowners for this maintenance, and the association should use dues to ensure all common areas are kept in a reasonably safe condition for all homeowners and visitors. But what happens when an HOA
Los Gatos HOA attorney
Homeowner associations (HOAs) are strictly regulated by California law, including who can become a candidate for an HOA board. Recently, state law has limited restrictions on candidates, allowing more homeowners to try to become directors. HOAs and their members should always ensure they do not unduly restrict qualified people from running. A bill passed in