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Who Pays for Plumbing Repairs in the HOA?

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For many repairs, it is clear whether payment responsibility lies with the homeowners or the homeowner’s association (HOA). Generally speaking, if the repair is in a common area, the HOA pays, while homeowners cover repairs within their own units or homes. However, it can be more complicated when it comes to plumbing repairs, especially in

Does an HOA Prohibit At-Home Businesses?

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In this day and age of the internet, more and more people are starting online businesses – right from their own homes. This type of business can be lucrative and save on household costs, as well. However, did you know that your HOA might prohibit you from running a commercial enterprise from your home? HOAs
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The Fair Employment and Housing Act (FEHA) in California and the federal Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) both strictly prohibit discrimination against individuals in housing matters based on an actual or perceived disability. This includes not depriving rights to individuals with disabilities, as well as providing reasonable accommodations to those with disabilities when requested. What
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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues into 2021, many people are still facing continuing financial struggles. Condo and homeowners can easily be included in those dealing with unemployment, underemployment, business failures or underperformance, medical bills, and more. When dealing with any of these, it is easy to imagine how people can fall behind on their HOA