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Stay on Top of California HOA Laws

California HOA Laws
The California State Legislature continuously passes new laws that affect HOAs. Millions of people throughout the state live in these developments. Thus, continuously fine tuning regulations is in the legislature’s best interest. Legislators are continuously being lobbied to change policies, both by groups of homeowners and HOAs themselves. These new laws often take effect at
HOA common areas
In general, a common area in an HOA is a space or amenity that is equally available for all homeowners. These areas must be maintained by the HOA as opposed to by the individual homeowners. Laws that protect equal access, including disability regulations, will apply to the common areas. California law defines a common area

How to Handle Disgruntled HOA Residents

HOA dispute
Disgruntled residents can become a stressful situation for any HOA board. They can also cost the board money in legal fees if the matter becomes a dispute. Before the problem reaches that level, the HOA may be able to take steps to diffuse the situation. At the end of the day, the homeowner has the

Can an HOA Evict a Resident?

The attorneys at Pratt & Associates help HOAs deal with difficult situations that require legal help.
An HOA does not have the power to evict a resident in the same way that a landlord would. If a homeowner is failing to follow the HOA rules, the association could enforce its rules by assessing fines. If the homeowner does not pay the fines, the HOA could foreclose on the property. These are